21 May 2012

Cruise Fort Lauderdale to Monte Carlo April 2012

This was the best cruise I have ever been on. Of the 17 days on board 10 were at sea, which I love. It got pretty rough but it appeared that most of those on board didn’t get seasick. If you book that sort of cruise you should expect bad weather.

I didn’t go on many tours, preferring to walk around ports and look in shops.

There were only 170 passengers on board so I got to know plenty of them. There were 37 single people but I also made friends with lots of couples and am still in touch with some of them.

The dancing was exceptional. One German dance host who was the best dancer I have ever danced with. As there were only three single women who liked to dance and other men who did I got lots of dancing and this really made my holiday.

I have booked another for the autumn but have so much expense coming up I think I shall probably have to cancel it. Such a pity.

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