Kingston Ice Dance Club

NB: this page was last updated in 1999

In 1991 I persuaded other skaters that an ice dance club would be a good idea and we went ahead with no idea where to start but just got on with it. The club is now thriving, and though the standard of the club as a whole is not high we have a good club hour each Tuesday, between 8.15 and 9.15 pm, with nearly all the compulsory dances played but with plenty of recreational dance too.

I have just resigned as secretary of the club and Donna Roberts has taken over but if you want any information you can still e-mail me.

We organize very successful dinners at a French restaurant just across from the ice arena and hope to have a barbecue this summer.

We run ice dance socials in the summer season (no spare ice in the winter because of ice hockey ) and if you are going to be in our area do e-mail me to find out when the next one is coming up. (See also Ice Skating Events on the menu).

Our members also help put on the ice pantomime each December (in 1997 we performed Cinderella and in 1998 we did Robin Hood) working hard both in chorus lines on ice and also backstage. We are already rehearsing Snow White for the weekend before Christmas. Unfortunately we didn't run an Open Competition in 1999; instead we had a very successful seminar on Sunday 6 June that was free to all members. Several skaters joined the club for this event and should you wish to join the club send 7 to Tony Chase at 1 Rat Abbey Farm, Winterton, N Lincs, DN15 9QZ. New members are always welcome.

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